About Us

Round Barn Soaps makes handmade bar soaps that are a marvelous way to make your skin feel wonderfully soft. Made with only the purest organic ingredients.

How we Started

Round Barn Soaps is owned and operated by Arlen and Marci Evins. We have been happily married for 26+ years.  About 1990, we became foster parents out in California central valley.  Shortly thereafter we started noticing that the kids had come to us with allergies to all kinds of things, including soaps. Hence, the need, to start making our own. None of the soaps, including Dove, Aveeno and Ivory, would work. So I started with books and the internet to find information and help. Starting with melt & pour from Michaels, worked for some of the kids but not others. We then tried cold process with lard or tallow, again worked for some but not all. So we tried vegan cold process, finally a match for all, then we branched out into liquid soaps and laundry soaps, then lotions, shampoos and the list goes on….

    Our neighbors and family wanted to try them and loved them. We did our first craft show in California in 1994, created Dreamland Specialties in 1996.  In 2009, we moved back home to the Ozarks in Missouri and changed the name based on an historical old round barn on the place we bought. We have our own storefront next to our home on the main highway outside Galena, MO.  We have several regular customers already and go to all the local craft shows, and still ship all over the US and keep our internet site up as well as we can. We hope you will choose to be one of our valued customers too!

What makes OUR Soaps so great?

   We know what we're doing - our recipes have been formulated by testing over and over again and we've been selling soap since 1994 through our website, mail order, craft shows, wholesale and now at our own retail shop. We have thousands of loyal customers all across the country.

   We make beautiful soaps by hand using traditional cold process method with organic ingredients, and each bar is cut and packaged by hand. The small differences between each bar and each batch are part of their hand made charm.

   Round Barn Soaps are "Made in the USA" using the highest quality standards. During most of the year, our soap making operation is open to the public, and you can actually come by and see how we make your soap. You, and your opinion of us and our soap, provide the ultimate 'quality control'.

   We shrink wrap our soaps so that they are sanitary.  Our Soaps do not contain artificial hardeners, preservatives or latherers, or cheap filler oils like hydrogenated vegetable oils (i.e. Crisco). We do not use synthetic preservatives, so our soaps reflect the ingredients used to create them.

   Our scents are strong and true to their name. Whether you select lilac or lavender, musk or mint, each soap scent will smell exactly as it should, not mutated, weak or with a chemical undertone. We pride ourselves on scents that smell like 'the real thing.

   Round Barn Soaps have been designed to be mild and gentle enough for everyone to use, including people with allergies, sensitive skin and skin conditions. We make unscented varieties of each soap we make, specifically for people with sensitivity to scents or those who just don't like fragrances.

   Our business is also designed around repeat buyers who purchase soap from us year after year.  Repeat buyers who like to 'stock up' and buy their favorite soaps in larger quantities, because they use them for laundry and shampoo. Thus, we offer you money-saving opportunities, and when you buy at least five bars of the same scent, we offer you a discount. 

   We provide great value for your money, a bar that lasts longer than what you're used to, and is so moisturizing you may not need lotion anymore. We are not aware of any other soap business that sells the excellent quality of soap we do, for the prices we ask.

    And with well over 80 varieties to select from - more like 100 these days - we're not aware of any other soap maker that offers our selection of soap, either.

Any questions email us: maevins@gmail.com